NSC Minerals – From the mine to the roadway

NSC Minerals has three salt production facilities that are strategically located in Saskatchewan on the Nutrien and Mosiac mine sites in Colonsay, Rocanville, and Vanscoy.

Established in 1988, NSC Minerals has grown to become one of Canada’s premier salt suppliers. While the company’s core business is road de-icing, it is also a major provider of salt minerals to the feed and hide industry, as well as to industrial users.  NSC Minerals also produces unique premium salt crystals that provide nourishing and hydrating properties that are used in bath salt and exfoliates.

Our head office is located in Saskatoon, Sask. with regional offices and storage facilities in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Brandon, and Winnipeg.  NSC Minerals has three salt production facilities that are strategically located in Saskatchewan on the Nutrien and Mosiac mine sites in Colonsay, Rocanville, and Vanscoy.  In addition to the production and storage facilities, NSC Minerals has multiple transload facilities in Western Canada with a private railcar fleet in excess of 800 railcars.

NSC Minerals takes pride in being a Canadian-owned-and-operated company.   Our core values at NSC Minerals focus on being a positive corporate citizen where we not only work, but also live. It is imperative to our business to make social responsibility part of our daily operation.  Our social goals encompass everything from community involvement, health and safety, and the environment.

The mineral crystals used in road de-icing are brought to the surface from the natural rock formation 3,000 feet below ground.  This natural mineral deposit was formed millions of years ago from evaporated seabeds. These crystals are separated into smaller particles and left untouched, allowing all the essential trace minerals to remain encapsulated within the crystal itself.

The sodium-chloride rock salt produced by NSC Minerals is used across Canada and the United States to keep families safe while traveling during the winter months.  Our product includes numerous trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which allows each crystal to melt at a lower temperature versus other ice melters.  The synergies of the trace minerals truly make our Canadian-mined product an industry leader.  Thenatural pink colour is due to the combination of the trace minerals encapsulated within each crystal.  Because of this natural colour, we do not use dyes to make our product more visible when applied against the white snow cover. Our natural multi-mineral crystals are easier on the environment and pet-friendly because our crystals are 100 per cent natural and require you to use fewer crystals to melt the same snow and ice when compared to other salt-based products. Our natural rock crystals offer better traction because of their granular shape and size, and will melt to -15C (5F).  It provides traction like sand with no cleanup after melting.

When winter events turn roads to ice, de-icing them with salt reduces accidents by 88 per cent and injuries by 85 per cent.  Road salt is also proven to save money – when snow and ice make roads impassable, it can cost provincial or state economies as much as $700 million a day – losses that salt can mitigate.  All told, de-icing with road salt pays for itself in just 25 minutes.

NSC Minerals is pleased to introduce our newest addition to our product line up. BROOKS 32 is our liquid calcium mineral product for use in the winter de-icing category and summer road dust-control applications. BROOKS 32 is sourced from our Brooks, Alberta well site. This unique natural multi-mineral brine is brought to the surface from over 6,000 feet underground. The 32 per cent total solids brine is a clean brine resulting in minimal deposits settling out. BROOKS 32 is available in various bulk delivery sizes, for use in dust control, soil stabilization, industrial, chemical, oilfield, agricultural, cement, tire ballast, and ice control industries.

If safety is a priority for your home or business, please contact NSC Minerals to see how we can help.

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