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Canada’s exclusive magazine aimed at snow and ice removal professionals. Snow Manager reaches key decision makers in Canada’s multi-billion dollar snow and ice removal industry. The publication, which is released twice a year in spring and fall, reports on the challenges facing the industry and is a terrific showcase for suppliers to get their message out to this lucrative market.

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Hardscape-friendly de-icers for asphalt, brick, and concrete

In order to prevent anyone from being injured by slipping and falling on your sidewalks, some form of de-icer and/or ice melt is essential. There are many types available. Some are completely natural and found in your home; others are commercial products readily...

The snow removal industry insurance dilemma

By Ted Butler Recently, I was asked to attend a municipal snow removal sub-contractors meeting which was held by a local Canadian city. Contractor meetings like this are held in almost every city in Canada to help prepare the city’s snow removal contractors for the...

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