By Johna Autencio, digital marketing, Oracle RMS Insurance Brokers

Although we are officially in the early stages of the spring season, we find that we are still having winter weather of cold temperatures and snow. As snow continues to fall and stick to the ground, that is when snow removal contractors come to the rescue.     

By hiring a snow removal contractor, it will eliminate the need to constantly shovel, as it will save plenty of time. In addition, quality service will be provided the moment there is a snowfall. However, before a contract has been declared, it is important to make sure that every snow removal contractor is insured. 

Why should snow removal contractors have insurance? 

With that being said, if you are a snow removal contractor, it is known that operating a snow removal business involves extraordinary high risk work. By purchasing snow removal insurance, it is an absolute necessity to have due to the potential likelihood of incidents that could occur during the snow removal process or afterwards. 

For example, the biggest risk a snow removal business faces is slip and falls. This type of incident can allegedly occur whether you performed a decent job or not, and will almost always result in a lawsuit. 

“The main operation of a snow removal business is to prevent people from slipping and falling. It is important to disclose what types of business that you service, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, and have your true receipts [so] in case something does happen, you’ll have the proper insurance to defend yourself,” says Daniel Italiano, an account executive at Oracle RMS.

In 2017, there have been over 9,000 individuals in Canada who’ve slipped and fallen on ice, resulting in hospitalization. Therefore, snow removal insurance is beneficial to have as coverage and will protect your business should legal action be taken.

Are there any other risks involved?

Without snow removal insurance, your business can face many risks such as the usage of equipment, tools, and trucks. In the case of snow removals, snow plows and tools are always at risk of potential damage, theft, or unexpected danger. Snow removal insurance will properly insure your equipment to ensure you’re always covered if they’re ever compromised, even during off season.

What are the types of coverage a snow removal business needs? 

At Oracle RMS, we offer snow removal insurance at affordable costs that are tailored to your unique situation. But, there are three main coverages for snow removal businesses to have, which are:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage: This type of coverage will protect you and your business from a loss if you’re legally accountable for property damage to a third-party or bodily injury, which was caused by a product you sell or the service you provide, such as a slip and fall accident that had occurred on plowed property.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: This type of coverage will protect physical assets such as your building and its contents. This includes equipment, tools, and third-party property, such as the repairs or potential replacement needed if the snow plow is damaged. It also provides coverage for other costs associated with theft and sometimes can reimburse you for the cost of rental tools.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: This type of coverage will protect you in case of accidents that have hurt someone or caused damages to a third-party property. It also ensures any vehicle used for business purposes is protected from risk while out on the job in unfavourable weather conditions, and covers any equipment or tools that are attached to the vehicle(s).

About Oracle RMS 

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