Hilltip introduces its BrineMixx™ 135-800 brine solution blenders to accommodate the rapidly growing demand for the use of brine in ice maintenance programs. Available in three different sizes (135, 370 or 800 gallons), the BrineMixx is an external brine blender design that makes it simple to achieve the perfect combination of water and salt for either anti-icing or direct de-icing applications.

The BrineMixx works by simply filling the tank with fresh water and adding rock salt to preset amounts based on the amount of water present. Then the electric-powered, 103-gpm pump is activated and the three-way valve opened to properly circulate the mixture. Since these are smaller batches, it doesn’t require much agitation to achieve the ideal salinity concentration of 23.3 percent. With the largest 800-gallon unit, it takes a little more than an hour to mix a full tank of brine.

Once a batch is complete, there is no need for a storage tank. The brine can be pumped directly from the blending tank to the spreader or sprayer as it’s being produced. A heavy-duty filter is located between the valve and transfer hose, capturing dirt and contaminants and keeping them from reaching the application equipment.

The blending tank and lid are constructed out of durable polyethylene, which makes the brine blender rust and corrosion free. A liquid level indicator is integrated into the blending tank and a sharp-edged spike strip is included on the top grate to simplify opening bags of salt. Also, a salinity meter is provided for accurate brine testing. 

Headquartered in Pietarsaari, Finland, Hilltip is a leading manufacturer of road maintenance equipment in Europe. With equipment designed and built in an area that averages at least six months of snowfall every year, Hilltip is known for its extreme durability and advanced technologies. Opening its U.S.-based subsidiary, Hilltip Corp., in 2020, the company is now actively bringing these industry-leading advancements to the North American market. For more information, contact Hilltip Corp. at 859-760-7211 or visit the website at www.hilltipna.com.