Hilltip has introduced its HTrack™ online tracking software to the North American market. Compatible with all models of HillTip’s IceStriker™ and SprayStriker™ spreaders and de-icing sprayers, the software allows winter service professionals to track and manage all of their HillTip equipment via computer, tablet or smartphone. This innovative technology helps minimize environmental impacts, track expenses and properly document that agreed-upon services were completed, among multiple other benefits.

The HTrack system uses HillTip’s easy-to-use StrikeSmart™ controller, which is placed in the cab and connects to IceStriker and SprayStriker products. It offers the industry’s only two-way GPRS capability to transmit data to a custom online user interface, which can be accessed by an internet connected device. This feature allows route details of all equipment to be tracked remotely, such as speed, GPS location and material used.

Geofencing capabilities allow users to remotely create work sites for different client areas, as well as set application rates for each client’s site according to weather conditions. With this information entered into the system, the StrikeSmart controller alerts drivers which sites to treat during winter events, and it recognizes when the driver enters each work site. Then, the spreaders and sprayers automatically adjust application rates according to the presets for each property. 

The HTrack system also allows for complete remote control over an entire fleet of equipment. If weather conditions unexpectedly change, one can adjust application rates on hundreds of spreaders or sprayers in just a matter of seconds, if necessary. Thanks to this unmatched level of automation, drivers are able to concentrate solely on completing jobs as quickly and safely as possible. Additionally, the amount of skill required to operate the equipment is minimized.

Other benefits of the HTrack system include assistance with route optimizations and resource allocations for increased operational efficiency and profitability. It can create reports of material used for each customer, and it provides detailed documentation of ice control activities at individual customer locations to be used as evidence if legal action should become necessary.

Headquartered in Pietarsaari, Finland, Hilltip is a leading manufacturer of road maintenance equipment in Europe. With equipment designed and built in an area that averages at least six months of snowfall every year, Hilltip is known for its extreme durability and advanced technologies. Opening its U.S.-based subsidiary, Hilltip Corp., in 2020, the company is now actively bringing these industry-leading advancements to the North American market. For more information, contact Hilltip Corp. at 859-760-7211 or visit the website at www.hilltipna.com.